Tesla Wheel Alignment

Tesla Wheel Alignment

Having your Tesla wheel alignment performed by professionals is crucial for maintaining the overall performance and safety of the vehicle. Proper wheel alignment ensures that the tires wear evenly, prolong tire life, improves handling and stability, and maximizes fuel efficiency. It also helps prevent premature tire wear and reduces the risk of steering and suspension issues. Regular wheel alignments for your Tesla can help prolong the life of your tires and keep your vehicle driving smoothly.

Tesla greatly recommends regular tire maintenance; if you start to notice if you start to notice uneven or abnormally excessive tire wear, this is a strong sign that your vehicle needs a quick wheel alignment!

Does my Tesla need an alignment?

There is a common misconception that Teslas do not require regular wheel alignment due to their electric drivetrain and advanced technology. However, this is not entirely true, alignments are still an essential maintenance task for all vehicles, including Tesla vehicles.

In fact EV’s weight often 30% more than gas powered vehicles, so its crucial to have the wheels properly aligned to prevent uneven tire wear and maintain efficiency.

Quick and efficient service for your Tesla

We’ve worked on Tesla model S, 3, X and Y, we can confidently perform alignments, tires, brake service, suspension upgrades or repairs and custom wheels on any Tesla vehicle.

We understand the importance of having a properly aligned Tesla for optimal performance and safety on the road. That’s why we use the latest technology in wheel alignment – the Hunter Hawkeye Elite Alignment machine.

The Hunter Hawkeye Elite Aligner is a state-of-the-art machine that offers precision readings in a fast and efficient manner. With its advanced sensors and cameras, it can accurately measure the alignment angles of Tesla vehicles with ease.

The Hunter Hawkeye Elite Aligner is equipped with four precision cameras that provide 3D measurements of the vehicle’s alignment. These cameras work in conjunction with high-resolution sensors to ensure that every angle and measurement is captured accurately. This advanced technology allows for precise adjustments to be made quickly, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Four Wheel Alignment Check and Adjust

During the alignment procedure we will set the vehicle into service mode, drive vehicle to detect any concerns or anomalies, inspect suspension components, adjust tire pressure, get initial readings, adjust, reset and relearn the applied offset, test drive vehicle for verification.

Lowered Tesla? Custom Wheel Alignments? Aftermarket Suspension?

We have an extensive experience working with suspension modified vehicles, including tesla, If you need custom specs, install aftermarket suspension, camber arms, lowering or even lifting (available for Model Y), we can get it done.

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We also provide service recommendations and tips to keep your vehicle running safe and smooth. Remember if you need any auto repair near Ontario, Brake service, Air conditioning, tires, wheel alignment, or just need to perform scheduled maintenance on your vehicle, we are here to help.

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