Wheel Alignment Keeps You Heading in the Right Direction

Proper alignment means all four of your wheels point to the same, safe direction. Keeping your alignment in check can extend your tire life, improve fuel efficiency, make your ride more comfortable, and add safety to your next trip.

Stop by Comtires to have your vehicles alignment checked by one of our qualified ASE certified technicians.

In this section we aim to provide lots of quality information regarding vehicles wheel alignments.

In our shop we perform alignments for all kinds of vehicles, some examples:

Lowered car
Stock vehicles
Lowered trucks
Lifted trucks
European vehicles
Vehicles with modified suspension
Performance Alignments
Custom alignments
Dually Trucks
Work Trucks

We can fit anything from a Smart vehicle, to a Dually truck as long as they’re don’t have a longer than 177-in wheel base, and it can safely lift up to 18,000 lbs.

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