BG Services

What are BG Services?

BG Services are a comprehensive range of automotive maintenance treatments designed to keep your vehicle running at its best. Designed for those who like to go the extra mile in their vehicles maintenance.

Developed by BG Products, a leader in automotive technology, these services target specific areas of your vehicle to clean, protect, and enhance its performance.

The Importance of Automotive Fluid Exchanges (Flushes)

One key aspect of BG Services is the use of automotive chemicals to clean, protect and enhance. Over time, your vehicle’s systems can accumulate various contaminants and deposits that hinder their proper functioning. 

Automotive flushes (Fluid Exchanges) help remove these harmful substances and restore optimal performance.

Just like your engine oil, the other fluids in your vehicle also break down and loose its properties, that’s the reason why it is recom

mended to exchange them. And more and more often these services are being added as parts of regular maintenance by vehicle manufacturers.


Engine Flush

An engine flush is an essential service that cleans the internal components of your engine. Over time, engine oil can break down, leaving behind sludge and deposits that can restrict oil flow and reduce engine efficiency. An engine flush removes these contaminants, ensuring proper lubrication and reducing the risk of engine damage.

Brake Fluid Exchange

A brake fluid flush is an important service for maintaining your vehicle’s braking system. Brake fluid absorbs moisture over time, which can lead to corrosion and decreased braking performance. A flush removes old, contaminated fluid and replaces it with new, clean fluid, ensuring proper brake function protecting brake components and reducing the risk of brake failure.

Coolant Flush

The coolant in your vehicle’s cooling system helps regulate the engine’s temperature and prevent overheating. Over time, coolant can break down and become contaminated with rust, debris, and other substances. A coolant flush removes the old coolant and any contaminants, ensuring your engine stays at the optimal temperature and reducing the risk of water pump and radiator failure, overheating and engine damage.

Fuel System Service

A fuel system flush is a service that focuses on cleaning the fuel injectors, intake valves, fuel lines, and other components of your vehicle’s fuel system. Over time, harmful deposits can build up in these areas, leading to reduced fuel efficiency, decreased power, and rough idling. A fuel system flush removes these deposits, improving fuel economy, performance, and drivability. This service is often accompanied by an Air Induction Service.

Air Induction Service

An air induction service is a specialized flush that targets the intake system of your vehicle. Over time, carbon deposits can accumulate in the intake manifold, throttle body, and intake valves. This buildup restricts airflow and can negatively impact engine performance. An air induction service removes these deposits, restoring proper airflow, improving throttle response, and enhancing overall engine performance.

Power Steering Fluid Exchange

Power steering fluid can become contaminated with dirt and debris, causing issues such as stiff steering or noisy operation. A power steering flush removes the old fluid, along with any contaminants, and replaces it with fresh fluid, restoring smooth and quiet operation.

Great for protecting your vehicles power steering pump, steering gear and seals.

Transmission Fluid Exchange

The transmission is another critical component of your vehicle that can benefit from a flush. Transmission fluid, like engine oil, can accumulate debris and contaminants that affect its performance. A transmission flush removes old fluid along with any contaminants, promoting smoother shifting, improved fuel efficiency, and longer transmission life.

Benefits of BG Services

The use of BG products and services offers a number of benefits for your vehicle. These include:

  1. Improved Performance: By cleaning and maintaining vital components of your vehicle, BG services help improve overall performance. This results in smoother operation, increased fuel efficiency, and enhanced power and acceleration.
  2. Extended Lifespan: Regular use of BG services can help prolong the lifespan of various automotive systems and components. By removing contaminants and deposits, these services prevent wear and tear, reducing the risk of failure and costly repairs.
  1. Enhanced Reliability: By ensuring that your vehicle’s systems are clean and functioning optimally, BG services help improve the reliability of your vehicle. This reduces the chances of unexpected breakdowns, expensive repairs and enhances your overall driving experience.
  1. Fuel Efficiency: With regular use of fuel system flushes, BG services can improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. By removing deposits that can impede fuel flow and combustion, these services help your engine operate more efficiently, resulting in better fuel mileage.
  1. Environmental Benefits: BG services help reduce harmful emissions and pollutants by ensuring that your vehicle’s systems are running clean. This not only benefits the environment but can also help your vehicle pass emissions tests and comply with environmental regulations.
  1. Peace of Mind: Knowing that your vehicle is being maintained with high-quality BG products and services can provide peace of mind. By following recommended maintenance schedules and using trusted products, you can have confidence in your vehicle’s performance and longevity.

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